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To test if you might be vulnerable to the SASSER virus, use the above port scan tool to scan port 445. If the portscan says it can get through port 445 on whatever firewall you hopefully have, and your computer's port 445 is also open/active, then you may be susceptible to the SASSER virus. Open Port Checker, Port Forwarding Test This open port checker is an online tool used to test port forwarding rules on network routers. Users can test open ports by entering their router’s pubic IP address and the specific port number that they want to test. How to open ports in Windows Firewall | Windows Central Sep 22, 2017

In order to ping a specific port using Powershell, you have to use the “Test-NetConnection” command followed by the IP address and the port number to be pinged. $ Test-NetConnection -p As an example, let’s say that we want to ping the “” host on the port …

Open Port Check Tool. Check a port's status easily, find out which ports of your connection is open or closed. Network Location Tool. Locate and find out where a network is on the Earth using Google Maps. Reverse IP Domain Checker. Find out other sites hosted on a … How to Test Your Firewall - Lifewire Nov 14, 2019

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Port Checker - Check Open Ports Online Port Checker is a simple and free online tool for checking open ports on your computer/device, often useful in testing port forwarding settings on a router. For instance, if you're facing connection issues with a program (email, IM client etc) then it may be possible that the port required by the application is getting blocked by your router's firewall or your ISP . Online Port Scanner Tool - Port Forwarding Test - Open