PBR is a feature to control routing and forwarding using policy created from access-list and route-map. PBR is very useful when there is a special routing requirement for specific source or destination. This post will guide through the way to Configure Policy Based Routing on Cisco Router.

Feb 06, 2017 · DETAILED STEPS configure terminal. Enters global configuration mode. Enters the configuration mode for a Gigabit Ethernet interface on ip address ip-address mask. Router (config-if)# ip address Sets the IP address and subnet no shutdown. Enables the GE interface, Aug 07, 2019 · To access all of your Cisco router settings and change them, you have to log in to the router site: To begin, open any web browser. Take your Default Gateway/Router value and type it in the address bar. Your next stop is the settings site for your router. After connecting to a Cisco Router (let’s say using a console), you are presented with the Command Line Interface in which you type and enter configuration commands. After typing a command, you press enter and the command is automatically active on the device.

May 05, 2005 · For this example, we'll start off with the default configuration on a Cisco 2611 router running IOS 12.2. (The configuration should be the same—or very similar—on all IOS-based routers).

When using a Cisco lightweight Access Point (AP), you need to set up the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) to accept registration of APs. This set up is all part of the controller discovery process. Cisco’s lightweight access points (LWAPs) use the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) to communicate between the components of the wireless … Oct 29, 2014 · Yes i do have switch module internally embedded to the router. 2 ports on router 2/0 and 2/1 are connected to switch module and 2 switch ports 0/25 and 0/26 are connected to router. Only one port on router 2/1 is switchport you can configure it either trunk or access. But the other port on router 2/0 cannt be configured neither trunk nor access. Figure 1 - Cisco setup wizard. When a Cisco router is initially booted there are no passwords configured, the only thing that is needed to configure the router is a serial rollover cable or USB cable (newer devices). Once a connection is established the basic configuration of the device can be done, this will be covered next. Mar 11, 2020 · Now I can ping websites by hostname from the Cisco router, but I can ping from the router to my laptop only by IP address. (Laptop is connected directly to G0/1 for testing) *** (See Screenshots). I forgot to mention that all internal nodes are connected to the router via a Cisco 2960 switch with default settings.