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How to Setup a VPN on an iPhone [March 2020] Mar 16, 2020 Assign a VPN connection to an iPhone or iPad app When you assign a VPN connection to an iPhone or iPad app, the app uses that connection for all of its network communication. Prerequisite: You have created one or more device policies with a Per app VPN configuration. See Per app VPN configuration (iOS device policy). To assign a VPN connection to an app: Delete VPN on iPhone – Better Host Review As a result, you can’t find the ‘Delete VPN’ option from iPhone Settings -> General -> VPN -> VPN connection. If you have this trouble, you can delete VPN connection within the VPN app on iPhone. Alternatively you can also delete the VPN app from iPhone, this should normally delete all VPN data including VPN profiles created on iPhone.

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Jul 16, 2020 · When installing a VPN on your iOS device you have two options: install a VPN app from App Store or manually set up a VPN connection on your iPhone or iPad. Both actions result in the creation, on your device, of a VPN configuration file or VPN profile, a set of rules or settings that allow iOS to connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) .