When you upgrade your Apple TV to tvOS 10.1, the Movies and TV Shows apps turn into a single TV app that provides a new experience—and changes the behavior of a button on the Siri remote.

The fourth generation Apple TV ships with a couple of Aerial screen saver videos pre-installed. If you didn't tell it to check automatically for new videos when you set up the Apple TV, It doesn't I tried deleting the app entirely from Apple TV thinking maybe this was a one time popup but requestWhenInUseAuthorization still did not do anything to prompt for permission. Apr 06, 2020 · It is by far the fastest SmartDNS service in the market, enabling you to easily unblock geo-restricted sites. StrongDNS supports all devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Windows 8, Android and PS4. StrongDNS costs less than $6 per month, or you could get with a StrongVPN package here. On your Apple TV, select Settings, then Audio & Video. Make sure: Audio Out is set to Apple TV. Sound Effects and Music are set to on. In Surround Sound settings, make sure that Best Quality Available is selected. Clear AT&T TV app cache and data . From the Apple TV home menu, select Settings, then Apps and Manage Installed Apps. Choose AT&T TV. Aug 21, 2018 · To use the Fixed Location feature: Install the Location Guard extension for Firefox or Chrome. Go to Options and change Default Level to Use fixed location. Go to Fixed Location and choose a location on the map. You can either find your desired location manually or enter an address in the search bar. You can name your Apple TV. So it is really easy to recognize when you use Home sharing, AirPlay or the Remote app. How to change the Apple TV Name (Apple TV 3, 2 and 1) If you want to change the name of your Apple TV , Navigate to Settings -> General -> Name. Also read our earlier guides about Apple TV

Dec 13, 2015 · But it’s easy. A DNS address of ( translates to the format on the Apple TV. Once you have entered in your DNS address, hit Done and you are good to go. How to change the DNS server on your new Apple TV (pre 4th Generation) From the main menu of your Apple TV, click on the Settings icon. Click on General. Click on Network.

I was able to keep my Apple TV location services turned off until just the most recent update that happened last night sometime. The iOS app (iPhone/iPad) required location services to be turned on previous to this update.

The fourth generation Apple TV ships with a couple of Aerial screen saver videos pre-installed. If you didn't tell it to check automatically for new videos when you set up the Apple TV, It doesn't

Apr 17, 2016 · Location services allow third-party apps to collect date based on the location of your Apple TV. It is useful for such things as weather or maps apps, but if you'd rather not share it, you can control whether your Apple TV uses this information. AirPlay allows Apple TV owners to mirror an iOS device's display on a TV, or stream videos and photos from an iOS device or Mac to a larger screen with the press of a button. Jan 12, 2017 · 2:47 Configure DNS on your Apple TV This video teaches you how to change DNS configurations on your Apple TV. You'll set up a DDNS hostname with a 3rd party, register your DDNS hostname with How to Setup Apple TV. Setting up the popular Apple TV to use Unlocator Smart DNS is a very simple process. In this article. Video Instructions; Apple TV 1, 2 & 3; Apple TV 4+ Apple TV 1, 2 & 3. The video was made on Apple TV 3. The instructions differ slightly based on the version of the Apple TV that you have. The only way I know to do this would require using a VPN to make your connections look like they’re coming from the region that you want. However, I don’t think there is any VPN software for AppleTV, so what you would have to do is set up a VPN pr Nov 14, 2018 · Smart DNS helps you change your location without rerouting your traffic or changing your IP address. It just alters the URLs that reveal your location. You can unblock geo-blocked channels with ease if you set up Smart DNS on Apple TV. Check out the table below of the best VPNs for Apple TV.