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Dec 26, 2019 · [LAN] How to set up Static Route . 1. Enable static routes choose Yes.. 2. Network/ Host IP: It stands for the destination network or host of a route rule so it should be a host address, such as "" or a network address, such as "". Jan 21, 2019 · To make a LAN to LAN connection you need the following: Set the main router as (for it’s main LAN address) Enable DHCP letting it give an IP address to all the devices connected to it: –; Place a second router that comes with an RJ45 cable from the main router’s LAN port to the second router LAN port. Hence ensure that you have a proper route in the "routerprolan" to route this subnet to your "routerfirewall". in routerprolan, you should be having a route like this. ip route For the other static nat ips also ensure that you have proper return routes. Jul 03, 2017 · route -p ADD MASK Remove a Static Route from the Windows Routing Table. Of course, there will come a time you might want to remove a static route from your table. All you have to do is type a command using the following syntax: route delete destination_network Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually-configured routing entry, rather than information from a dynamic routing traffic. In many cases, static routes are manually configured by a network administrator by adding in entries into a routing table, though this may not always be the case.

Add a static route on the main router to router destination IP subnet, subnet to gateway IP address on the LAN/Wireless interface. That's it. Now all computers in either subnet should be able to ping all computers on their IP addresses.

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Ex. Add LAN Static Route to allow Test Station1 to access Test Station2.You can add LAN static route on ASUS Router’s LAN-Route page, refer to the picture 1 about network topology. 2.Suppose you want to access another network which at your WAN side but not the same subnet as your WAN network,you can choose WAN or MAN static route Apr 24, 2019 · Perluas jaringan internet Indihome dengan cara menyambungkan 2 router pakai kabel LAN - Duration: 11:03. Ibnu Djiee 100,231 views. 11:03. In an IP network, a routing table is a set of rules that determines where the packets are directed to. By typing the “route print” in command prompt, you get to view the route table that contains information such as the interface list, network destination, netmask, gateway, interface and metric.