The VPN server cannot ping the assigned ip address of the client. I hope this information helps, I can't think of anything else to mention at the moment. To summarize my problem, I can connect to the VPN but I can't do anything when I'm in. No ping, no DNS, no access via computer names, nothing.

This server is connected to a fex linked to Nexus 2. From server 2 we can ping other servers (server 4 and 3) in different vlans. From Server 1 we can ping other servers (server 4 and 3) in different vlans. From the core switches, which do inter-vlan routing for both vlans, we can ping both servers with a source in another vlan or in the same vlan. How to Ping a Server Name | Techwalla In Windows XP, click Start and Run. Then type "cmd" and press Enter. In Windows Vista, click Start, … I can ping clients, but I can't ping my server - TechRepublic

Why am I unable to ping another computer in the same local

If you can't ping an ip address this means nothing in If you are using a hostname instead of an IP address with ping, then you will be using DNS. However, just because you are using ping with an IP address, even if you don't get a response this does not necessarily mean there is a routing problem. Many hosts are configured to rate limit ICMP echo requests (i.e. ping) or to ignore them entirely. Solved: Cant ping my email providers SMTP server | Tech

Jul 23, 2013

Unable to ping ILO Proliant DL380 . - Hewlett Packard yes : we have 2 proliant servers connected on the same hub : from the first one I can do a ssh on the other one (the one I cannot ping from my office) so the connection is ok because I can go on the server through the other server . Might there be a firewall between your client and the iLO?